The Learning Institute


Although applications for the Learning Institute are now officially closed, there may still be opportunities to get involved. If you are still interested in applying for this year, please contact Rida Gill ([email protected]) for more details.

The BioCanRx-Cancer Stakeholder Alliance Learning Institute brings together leaders from oncology patient communities and academic scholars from the immunotherapy research community to engage in interactive and collaborative knowledge exchange activities at the annual Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Academic scholars are exposed to the realities of the cancer patient experience and patient leaders are familiarized with research concepts in immuno-oncology. Both develop their networking knowledge and translation skills. Partnerships are also created and strengthened as a result.

They also work together on a Dissemination Report that captures their key take-away messages and reflections from the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy, and serves as a way to share this information with BioCanRx, the oncology communities, and the general public.

The Learning Institute objectives are:

  • To create a model of learning that encourages, supports and creates the integration of patient leaders into the scientific conference, and
  • To ensure that scientific research presented at the conference is translated to patient participants in an understandable way so that it can be shared with interested partners.

The Learning Institute consists of four main components:

  • Pre-Summit training to learn about basic cancer biology and immunotherapy
  • A series of high-energy knowledge exchange sessions
  • A “buddy system” where patient leaders are paired with academic scholars
  • The creation of the Dissemination Report

Participants are given a workbook and assigned notetaking for the various plenaries, talks and events at the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy.

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Should you wish to receive a French version of the Learning Institute application documents please get in touch with us via [email protected]. Please also note that the Summit4CI and Learning Institute will be in English.

« Pour obtenir les copies françaises des documents d’inscription à l’Institut d’apprentissage, contactez-nous par courriel à l’adresse suivante : [email protected]. Prière de noter que les activités du Sommet4CI et de l’Institut d’apprentissage se dérouleront en anglais. Toutefois, nous prévoyons tenir compte des préférences linguistiques de chacun pour les activités de jumelage. »