About the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy

The Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy (Summit4CI) is the annual scientific meeting of BioCanRx - Canada’s Immunotherapy Network. Summit4CI brings together up to 350 leading scientists, clinicians, students and economists with representatives from industry, patient groups, charities and government. The conference explores the latest progress in cancer immunotherapy from scientific, clinical, industry and patient perspectives, through internationally recognized speakers, scientific presentations, poster sessions, panel discussions an Oxford-style debate and networking opportunities.

Our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) and Trainee members take part in a pre-conference Development Day as well as a Meet the Experts session. An integral part of Summit4CI is the Learning Institute (LI). Developed by BioCanRx’s Cancer Stakeholder Alliance LI Working Group and our HQP community, the LI brings together leaders from oncology patient communities and academics from the immunotherapy research community. Participants take part in webinars in the lead up to the conference to gain a better understanding of cancer biology and immunotherapy, attend plenaries and engage in knowledge exchange activities and a Patient-Researcher Roundtable event. These activities support BioCanRx’s ultimate goal of increasing patient scholar-researcher collaboration.

In conjunction with Summit4CI, BioCanRx holds its annual virtual Public Forum focusing on cancer immunotherapy, new therapies and patient access.