Imagine Lecture

Inspired by our patient and caregiver community who ask "what if there is another way" for patient care, we hosted the inaugural Trainee Imagine Lecture in Victoria during the 2019 Summit. The Imagine Lecture was part of the first-ever Patient Plenary Session at the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy (Summit4CI).

The goal of the Imagine Lecture is to showcase a Trainee who has taken a patient-focused approach to their research in hopes of ultimately improving on the quality of life of cancer patients. Guided by a senior Network clinician and/or scientist, the successful candidate will develop and present a lecture that speaks to their experience with patients, focusing their talk on a topic that is relevant and accessible to all delegates. This lecture will highlight the impact that patient or caregiver engagement has had on the trainee's current or future research or professional activities and touches on the perceived impact the engagement has had on the patient or caregiver.


The recipient of the Imagine Lecture Award will be reimbursed for travel, meals and accommodations (as per the BioCanRx Travel Policy) and will have their Summit4CI registration fee covered. Additionally, the recipient will receive a monetary gift.

Application: click to download
Due: August 21, 2021

Previous Imagine Award Recipient: Brittany Umer

Brittany Umer

Brittany is a PhD student in the Medical Microbiology and Immunology program at the University of Alberta. Her research investigates methods of improving oncolytic vaccinia virus immunotherapy for breast cancer treatment. In addition to her studies, Brittany is a passionate advocate for patient engagement in research, and helped to develop the BioCanRx-Cancer Stakeholder Alliance Learning Institute. This initiative pairs cancer patients with early stage immuno-oncology researchers to create a bi-directional model of learning. By forming relationships between scientists and patients, Brittany hopes to help accelerate health research and better impact patient care.