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You have come to the Abstract Submission and Guidelines page for the Virtual Summit4CI taking place November 21 - 22, 2021, and pre-conference HQP Development Day taking place November 20, 2021.

Submit your abstract
*Prize Draw*: All HQP abstracts selected for presentation will be entered to win a free registration and free trip to Montreal for the 2022 Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Abstract Submission Eligibility

All HQP are eligible to apply; however preference will be given to HQP working in the labs of BioCanRx Funded Investigators and HQP working with members of the Summit4CI Scientific Programming Committee. HQP (highly qualified personnel) are defined as individuals working or studying in the cancer immunotherapy field, and is inclusive of students, post doctoral fellows, research associates and others engaged in research. Funded Investigators are defined as individuals who are currently funded or were previously funded by a BioCanRx research grant.

Due to the virtual nature of this year's Summit4CI and abbreviated format, we cannot guarantee that your abstract will be selected to present, however we will inform all submitters of the success of their submission.

Abstract Instructions

Scientific abstracts must be 250 words or fewer. Additionally, we ask that you also include a 3-5 sentence plain language summary of your research targeted to our patient groups and other non-academic members attending the Summit4CI. To facilitate writing this document, we recommend you refer to the BC SUPPORT Unit's information page on this topic: https://www.bcahsn.ca/learning/plain-language-guide.

Virtual Video Poster Presentations

In brief, virtual "poster" presentations will be in the form of a 3-minute pre-recorded talk using a power point template that will be provided by BioCanRx followed by a live session on Monday, November 22, 2021. More information will be available to individuals invited to present.

Abstract Submission Deadline & Other Key Dates
Please note all deadlines are at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Abstract submission deadline
BioCanRx Summer Student (2020 and 2021 cohorts) abstract submission deadline
Notifications of abstract submission success
Deadline for presenters to submit video posters and materials on Whova